Papershell Pecans
Mighty Maramec from Crow-Bar Acres


Tracy and Cinder welcome you to The Crow-Bar orchard, which was established in 1979 and consists primarily of the large papershell variety named Maramec.

The Maramec pecan is 58% by weight kernel (meat) compared with, say, the popular Stuart variety that is rated at 47% kernel weight. This means simply that dollar for dollar the consumer receives 24% more kernel, i.e., usable product with Maramec compared with the Stuart variety. (see pics)

Crow-Bar's Maramec pecans consistently place well in the annual Oklahoma state pecan competition.

The Crow-Bar orchard is located in the lush Verdigris River bottom in Keetonville, Oklahoma which is approximately 4 miles west of Claremore, Oklahoma.